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Tailor-made training

The Centre organises tailor-made training courses upon request of companies and public institutions.

The courses combine academic excellence with a highly interactive approach and are flexible in terms of format, length, workload, and place of delivery:

  • Residential at the European University Institute’s premises in Florence
  • At the premises of the requesting company or institution;
  • Fully online
  • Hybrid

Notable past courses include tailor-made training for the German, Portuguese, and Slovenian regulators for electronic communications.

Some of our tailor-made training courses

  • Data-Driven Economy and Network Industries: Challenges and Opportunities for Regulators for Bnetza
  • Regulation of Electronic Communications and Digital Markets for Anacom
  • Data-driven Economy and Regulation for Bnetza
  • International Competition Law, Telecom Regulation for Akos
  • Network Regulation, Online Platforms, Big Data for Anacom
  • Telecom Regulation and Competition Policy for Anacom
  • Telecom Regulation, Internet Economics and Policy, Consumer Protection for Anacom

Trained institutions

  • CNMC
  • AKOS
  • BNetZA
  • EETT (Greek telecom regulator)
  • ICASA (South African telecom regulator)
  • ANCOM (Romanian telecom regulator)
  • MCA (Maltese telecom regulator)
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Orange
  • TIM
  • Fastweb
  • Qualcomm

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