Competition law and SEP conference

Policy events

Our policy events include four seasonal conferences, ad-hoc workshops and academic seminars, and an annual Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics.

Seasonal conferences

The four main policy events of the Centre:  

  • The Spring Digitalisation Conference, focusing on the interaction of competition policy and regulation in digital markets; 
  • The Summer Democracy Conference debating the impact of digitalisation on democracy; 
  • The Autumn Competition Conference, focusing on the enforcement of EU competition policy in digital markets; 
  • The Winter Innovation Conference, on the interaction between intellectual property and innovation in digital markets. 

Ad-hoc workshops/seminars

In addition to the main seasonal Conferences, the Centre organises several workshops and academic seminars in Florence in European capitals.

Notable examples of these activities are the seminars organised with partner institutions or donors.

A note on policy dialogues and events

The CDS organises ‘balanced’ policy events, involving stakeholders from different countries, with different educational and professional backgrounds, with the aim to always safeguard gender and diversity balance. CDS policy events are also open: first of all, the events are always open to the public (i.e. either online and/or in presence). Moreover, the video recordings of the CDS policy events are usually made available on the CDS website soon after the event.

The CDS may jointly organise policy events with its institutional partners and markets donors on topics of mutual interest. Representatives of CDS institutional partners and markets donors may be invited as speakers at the CDS policy events to provide a practitioner perspective on a specific topic. The CDS fully complies with the EUI Guidelines on Ethics and Integrity in Academic Research and the EUI General Principles concerning the Receipt of External Funds. In particular, the EUI Funding  Committee regularly scrutinizes any external funding from private donors received by the CDS.

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