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Conference Highlights: 26th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics

For three days, the international community of the regulators, operators and experts of the postal and delivery sectors gathered in the beautiful city of Split (Croatia) to discuss the challenges and the possible futures...

The paper “Digital Platforms: A Literature Review and Policy Implications for Development” (Rossotto, C.M., Lal Das, P., Gasol Ramos, E., Clemente Miranda, E., Badran, M.F., Martinez Licetti,M., and Miralles Murciego, G.) will be presented at the 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (21-22 June, 2018). 


This article takes stock of the literature around digital platforms, and shows how this review can inform policy choices in developing countries. Through the review, this article sets a research agenda for platforms in emerging markets. Four elements are specifically analyzed. First, the definition of multisided-platforms (MSP); second technology and behavioral enablers; third, the emerging business models; and, fourth, platform dynamics. Each of these elements is assessed in terms of its relevance in emerging and developing countries. Policy implications for development are also highlighted, building the foundations for a new research agenda.

The presentation is available here. 


Carlo Maria Rossotto is Lead ICT Specialist at the World Bank and leads the Digital Economy Window of the Digital Development Partnership, the new Trust Fund Facility bringing together governments and leading technology firms to foster digital development. During his career at the World Bank, he has been responsible for lending and technical assistance operations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and East Asia. He coordinated the ECA/MENA ICT team at the World Bank for several years. Carlo is one of the Bank’s leading authorities on broadband and the digital economy. He has advised top-level policy makers on broadband, technology and development, in the context of over forty client-facing engagements, including in Russia, Ukraine, European Union, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and in fragile and conflict afflicted states (West Bank and Gaza, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya and Iraq). He represented the World Bank at the G20 working group on the Digital Economy. Before joining the Bank, Mr. Rossotto worked as at the Inter-American Development Bank and in management consulting, advising leading European tech firms on demand analysis, marketing, corporate strategy and regulatory affairs. He holds post-graduate degrees in Economics and Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan and in Financial and Commercial Regulation from The London School of Economics. He speaks Italian, English, French and some Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

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