19 April 2023

15:00 - 18:15 CET


Online Seminar


This online seminar discusses the future of the electronic communications sector, with a broad perspective that includes various stakeholders and segments of the digital ecosystem.

The connectivity infrastructure is at the basis of the digital economy. Not only is it the bedrock of the future wealth creation in the EU; it also increasingly necessary for ensuring democratic participation and access to increasingly digitalised public services. 

With the current investment gap, however, reaching the ambitious targets set by Europe's 2030 Digital Decade will not be easy.

While experts have identified several potential causes behind the sub-optimal investment – including, among others: the fragmentation of EU markets, the high spectrum fees, and the restrictions related to the regulatory framework – the Commission has recognised that this is a key moment to reflect on the future of the electronic communications sector assuming a broader perspective that includes other stakeholders and segments of the digital ecosystem.

In light of the exploratory consultation The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure , launched by the European Commission last February, the Centre for a Digital Society aims to contribute to the ongoing debate with this online seminar.

The seminar will be structured into two discussion sessions including experts from academia and industry.

Scientific Organiser

Anna Renata Pisarkiewicz

European University Institute


Jakob Greiner

Deutsche Telekom

Giulia Iop

VOD Coalition

Roslyn Layton

Aalborg University

William Lehr


Antonio Manganelli

University of Rome LUMSA

Scott Marcus


Audrey Scozzaro Ferrazzini


Pier Luigi Parcu

European University Institute

Jean-Jacques Sahel


Giuseppe Colangelo

University of Basilicata

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