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  1. The future of telecommunications: the role of telecom companies and big tech

    Should Big Tech pay for a "fair share" of network infrastructure, since their services make up more than half of internet traffic? And if so, what would be the right regulatory framework? Expert speakers assess the pros and cons of big tech contributions to funding network investments and give their perspective on what are the most appropriate regulatory strategies to approach these matters.

    20 January 2023

  2. Standard-essential patents | Niccolò Galli | Schuman Short #53

    Research Associate Niccolò Galli gives a concise overview of what standard-essential patents are, and why commercial disputes often arise between patent holders and implementers.

    22 November 2022

  3. The geopolitics of technology: standardisation and tech sovereignty

    Technological leadership and tech sovereignty have become essential goals for the European Union. What are the key pillars that will enable the achievement of these objectives? Have we identified the key policy measures that will enable EU companies to compete for technological leadership? And what role should cooperation with multinational allies play?

    5 May 2022

  4. Digital disruption | Pier Luigi Parcu – Schuman Short #44

    Director of the Centre for a Digital Society, Pier Luigi Parcu, explains the concept of 'Digital disruption' in today's world. He portrays the pros and cons affecting both digital and traditional media.

    22 February 2022

  5. Setting the WACC in low interest environments

    The seminar explored the main questions related to setting up the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in regulated environments such as telecommunications.

    1 February 2022

  6. The Internet of Things | Igor Nikolic – Schuman Shorts #38

    In this Schuman Short, Research Fellow Igor Nikolic explains 'The Internet of Things' highlighting the future perspective made possible by innovation, research and the overall development of new ground-breaking technologies.

    26 October 2021

  7. The Way Towards the Internet of Things: Open Standards vs Silos | Joachim Henkel

    In this video, Joachim Henkel, Professor at the Technical University of Munich, explains the importance of standards in the Internet of Things and discusses some open issues related to patent licensing in this context.

    9 January 2020

  8. The Way Towards the Internet of Things: Open Standards vs Silos | Nikos Isaris

    In this video, Nikos Isaris, Acting Head of Unit Internet of Things of the DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission, explains the role of the Unit and the activities that the European Commission launched to support Open Standards.

    9 January 2020

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