The Centre for a Digital Society is actively engaged in numerous research projects aligned with its core activities and main research areas. The outcomes of these projects, encompassing publications, videos, and conference recordings, are meticulously curated in our comprehensive Resources repository.

Ongoing research projects

Innovation and intellectual property in the digital age

The notion of intellectual property is at the core of technological innovation, economic growth and industrial policies. This research project aims at analysing the competitive and regulatory enivornment, as well as the business models supporting the innovation process and the development of key technologies for the digital age.

Data-related challenges in digital markets

The research project “Data-related challenges in digital markets” focuses on topics at the intersection of two core activities of the Centre: Market dynamics and regulatory framework and Data governance.


The DataComp project aims to establish a comprehensive database of training materials focused on EU competition law, specifically tailored to benefit national judges in eligible countries.

Competition policy book series

This book series comprises the volumes published in the context of the European Networking and Training for National Competition Enforcers (ENTraNCE).

Postal and delivery economics book series

This book series gathers the volumes published in the context of the Postal and Delivery Economics Conference.

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