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Policy Options for 5G Success in the EU

A chapter published in Europe’s Future Connected: Policies and Challenges for 5G and 6G Networks, edited by Erik Bohlin and Francesco Cappelletti. The chapter discusses the need for a strategic rethinking of the policies that...

Since the automotive sector chose to incorporate cellular standards (2G to 5G) in its vehicles, there have been tensions between car manufacturers and the owners of patents essential to these standards (SEPs).

This article published on Competition Policy International briefly explains the background of these licensing disputes, the use and value of cellular standards for modern connected cars, the existing framework for licensing SEPs, and how licensing in exchange for reasonable rates may not be possible without an efficient court system and the award of injunctions against companies found to be unwilling licensees.

The evidence from the automotive sector demonstrates the importance of injunctions to ensure the licensing of SEPs and a continuous circle of innovation.

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