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The Internet of Platforms and Two-Sided Markets: Implications for Competition and Consumers - Frieden, R.

The paper “The Internet of Platforms and Two-Sided Markets: Implications for Competition and Consumers” (Frieden, R.) will be presented at the 7th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (21-22June, 2018). ABSTRACT This paper examines developments...




Last week the FSR C&M ran a compelling and successful third and final Block of the eighth edition of our Annual Training. The block is a recent innovation in the structure of the FSR C&M Training: it deals with a number of specific topics that, due to the extremely fast technological and economic developments in recent years, are becoming of utmost importance in the sector, creating a number of challenges for stakeholders to engage with.

Ian Walden from Queen Mary University of London, Natali Helberger from University of Amsterdam and Giovanni Sartor from the European University Institute, lecturers in this Block, introduce in the first video “hot topics” such as Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, Online Platforms and Algorithmic Decision–Making explaining how they are impacting both companies and regulators in the telecommunications and media sectors.

Participants to the this Block commented that “this was a great opportunity to learn about topics such as Artificial intelligence which are already today widespread and which influence our daily lives” and to get “ready for the new challenges that we have to face in the near future”. See the video below to hear more feedback from participants.

If you want to learn about the latest trends, relevant policy debates from first-class experts, and network with an international and diverse audience composed of professionals, decision-makers, officials and academics while enjoying the beautiful hills just outside Florence, then consider applying for the next edition of the FSR C&M Annual Training.


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