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Marta Beltrán Pardo

Professor and Researcher


Marta holds the position of Chief of the Scientific Unit at AEPD and serves as a Member of the Advisory Group (AG) at ENISA. Joining the area of Computer Architecture and Technology at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos as an Assistant Professor in 2001, she has focused her primary research on distributed systems, cybersecurity, and privacy. Over the years, Marta has actively participated as a researcher or director in more than 15 research projects and contracts within these domains, engaging in both fundamental and applied research. Additionally, she has supervised 10 doctoral theses in the context of these projects.

Marta’s research outcomes have been disseminated through approximately 60 publications of varying significance, including presentations at national and international conferences, congresses, book chapters, and research journals.

Marta attained IEEE Senior Membership in 2014 and co-invented a patent in identity and access management in 2018. During her years as university professor, she consistently collaborated in knowledge transfer and innovation management activities with diverse companies, institutions, and business schools, actively participating in two research chairs. Noteworthy publications by Marta include books like “Diseño y evaluación de arquitecturas de computadoras” (Prentice Hall, 2011) and “Cloud Computing, tecnología y negocio” (Paraninfo, 2013). Since 2020, she has coordinated the “Ciberseguridad” collection at the RaMa publishing house and co-authored some titles. Marta is also the author of the essay “Mr. Internet” (NextDoor Publishers, 2023).

Marta is one of the few Spanish researchers involved in hacker technical conferences such as BlackHat and Defcon, as well as military security conferences like ICC, Marta directed the Cybersecurity MOOC on the MiriadaX platform, reaching over 20,000 students in four editions. She served as the coordinator of the Cybersecurity Engineering Degree during its initial four years and was the director of the Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Privacy for five editions. Presently, Marta is on leave from her university position, focusing on research as the Chief of the Scientific Unit at the Spanish Data Protection Authority.

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